Geberit Duofix - Mounting Element for WC 112 cm with Sigma cistern

Geberit DuoFix - Mounting Elements WC
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Product details

General Tillverkare Geberit
Serie Duofix
Typ Mounting Element for WC
Variant 112 cm with Sigma cistern
Artikelnummer 111300005
Design av Geberit
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Measurements Bredd (mm) 500
Höjd (mm) 1120
Djup (mm) 120
Characteristics Montage drywall
Colours, Coating & Material
Colours, Coating & Material Material Metall / plast
Färg blue / white
Notes Please note
  • Please order flush plate separately. You will find these under accessories.
Shipping information
Shipping information Leveransomfattning
  • mounting element
  • Cistern

Product description

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