GROHE Vitalio Joy - Duschsystem Vitalio Rain 310 Mono with Thermostatic Mixer krom

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Product details

General Tillverkare GROHE
Serie Vitalio Joy
Typ Duschsystem
Variant Vitalio Rain 310 Mono with Thermostatic Mixer
Artikelnummer 26400001
Design av GROHE
Tillgänglighet tillgänglig omgående
Measurements Höjd (mm) 1116
Diameter 310
Projicering (mm) 472
Characteristics Typ av anslutning högt tryck
förbindelse Anslutningsgänga 1/2"
Montage Väggmontering (exponerad)
Form runda
Panna lämplig för momentan vattenvärmare
Characteristics Head Shower
Characteristics Head Shower Storleken på duschkabinen Ø 310 mm
Projicering av dusch 472 mm
dusch arm horisontellt svängande
Kula gemensamt duschhuvud med kulled, rotationsvinkel ± 15 ° i varje riktning
Antal jettyper av den överliggande duschen 1 spraytyp
Spraytyper överdriven dusch
  • GROHE Rain O² Spray
    A soft, smooth spray based on our original Rain spray. Air is drawn into the spray face and mixed with water for a wider and fuller spray.
Spray mode switching by rotating
Technologies Head Shower
  • GROHE StarLight
    High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy.
Characteristics Hand Shower
Characteristics Hand Shower Handduschens storlek Ø 110 mm
Längdduschslang 1750 mm
Antal jettyper av den överliggande duschen 3 spraytyper
Spray mode hand shower
  • GROHE Massage Spray
    A pulsating spray pattern for a stimulating massage.
  • GROHE Rain Spray
    Wide and luxurious – a soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. Recreating summer rain, the spray provides full and even coverage.
  • GROHE SmartRain Spray
    All the features and benefits of our authentic Rain spray but with a reduced flow. A smart pattern that uses less water to deliver full showering enjoyment.
Spray mode switching by rotating
maximalt flöde Handduschens vid ett vattentryck på 3 bar 9.5 l/min
Technologies Hand Shower
  • GROHE DreamSpray
    Balanced flow in multiple spray patterns.
  • GROHE EcoJoy
    Water-saving technology that also saves you money.
  • GROHE SprayDimmer
    The SprayDimmer reduces the water consumption of your shower by up to 40%. Infinitely regulate the water supply of the SmartRain jet of your GROHE shower - with full shower comfort.
  • GROHE StarLight
    High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy.
Characteristics Thermostat
Characteristics Thermostat Cartridge with thermostatic cartridge
Temperaturbegränsare with adjustable temperature limiter, safety barrier at 38°C
Technologies Thermostat
  • GROHE AquaDimmer
    Allows you to switch between bath tap, hand shower or head and hand shower, and also regulate the volume of the water spray and turn it on or off. All with just one button.
  • GROHE CoolTouch
    For a super-safe surface that’s cool to the touch.
  • GROHE SafeStop
    Allows you to set a maximum temperature of 38° C to prevent scalding.
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus
    Lets you add a further limit of 43° C for an extra level of safety.
  • GROHE TurboStat
    Precise control for the perfect constant temperature.
  • GROHE QuickFix
    Fast, easy and hassle-free installation
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface Material Metall / plast
Färg krom
Yta glänsande
Shipping information
Shipping information Leveransomfattning
  • Hand shower
  • Exposed shower thermostat
  • Shower head
  • Shower rail
  • Shower arm
  • Shower hose
  • Glider
  • Mounting material

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