A coating for easy cleaning and improved hygiene

Ideal Standard wants to make the maintenance of bathroom ceramics particularly easy. This is why the manufacturer has developed the IdealPlus coating so that water and residues simply bead up on surfaces. This guarantees easy cleaning. If residues are left on the ceramic, you can simply wipe them off with a cloth. The coating also makes your ceramics highly resistant to scratches, which extends the product's life. Visit the IdealPlus overview page >>right here

Ideal Standard Ideal Plus - Easy to clean

Ideal Standard Strada II - Wand-Tiefspül-WC AquaBlade 360 x 540 x 350 mm weiß IdealPlus

ca 3-4 veckor
Ideal Standard Strada II - Stand-Tiefspül-WC-AquaBlade 360 x 555 x 400 mm weiß mit IdealPlus

ca 3-4 veckor
Ideal Standard Connect Air - Spülkasten 45 Liter weiß mit IdealPlus

ca 3-4 veckor

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